Red and Black

I don't quite understand the vitriol from some "Old Goats" who rail against the inclusion of black in Manual's school colors. These folks forcefully assert that red and white are the school's traditional colors and that the "new" addition of black is a heresy that cannot be tolerated (indeed, the final statement in the "goatorial" implores the Old Goat nation to flood the school with emails demanding the return to traditional red and white). Here is another quote from this piece: "Look back at the history of Manual and see if there is any black material in the uniforms." Well, after an exhaustive search through the dusty, musty archives of history, I have the answer. It comes from a book published in the early 1940's called "That Old Rivalry", a glorious chronology of that greatest of Kentucky football rivalries, High School and Manual (written by Eustace Williams). On page 5, there is an account of Manual's first football squad in 1892, including the team roster and the result of its first game against an eleven from the Louisville Athletic Club. Actually, the passage in "That Old Rivalry" is a quotation from Manual's very own student newspaper, The Crimson. Now for the kicker. Below the roster are four words that will surely throw some gasoline on the fire: "Colors--Cardinal and Black". !!! That's right, the old school 'Goats who lament the addition of black to the uniforms are apparently not "old school" enough to recall that the first football uniforms were actually RED and BLACK!

In light of this revelation, will the Old Goats now print an online retraction, calling for a grassroots effort to jettison that interloper WHITE from the school's colors?

Respectfully submitted by an "Old Dawg" who likes to stir the pot from time to time.

Scott Griggs
Male High School
Class of 1989