Will The Real Manual Colors Standup?

Over the last 3 seasons this tongue-in-cheek, made for cyber space controversy has spilled over to several web sites. And I must say I find it very amusing. With the long and glorious history of Manual, several generations have passed since the doors first opened in 1892. Indeed the first colors noted are RED and BLACK. I think I read somewhere that in the early days of High School and Manual each graduating class elected their own colors for a few years. If anyone can verify or refute this I will take their word for it.

Here's another gem from the past, in the 20's during the Neal Arnston era Manual had two mascots. One the now infamous Goat. And the other believe or not was a BULLDOG! Arnston decided that Manual needed only one mascot so a vote from the student body was held to decide which four legged friend would have the privilege of roaming the sidelines. The BULLDOG won ! Sadly the dog would soon die, leaving the Goat the defacto mascot. Can you imagine Manual Bulldogs?

For those who doubt Darwin's theory, how else can we explain the Ram? So now we have some casual observers wondering if some of the self appointed Orthodox Crimsons are revisionists or even worse Charlatans ! Here's another strange uniform fact. From the mid-seventies through the late eighties Manual had blue stripes on the GRAY pants! Was this a nod to the consolidation years when the colors were Blue and Gray ?