"Wright" Motivation

By Kevin Cole

It was the 1980 football season, Manual went 6 - 5. I can only remember a few highlights without someone reminding me. One of them was about David Wright. Then the coaches were Buddy Pfaadt he was the meanest man alive! Coach Bob Jacobs, Jelly Green the coolest coaches we had! The other main coaches were Eddie Crum, Butch Blakey, and Ray Adams.

We were getting beat at half time after all the yelling the coaches were doing, I don't know maybe they ran out of things to say to us to get the team motivated. Coach Pfaadt stopped screaming at us and told David Wright to stand up.

David looked stunned and scared . We were all wondering what is this all about is he gonna smack David around to get the team going? Well coach Pfaadt put on a big speech about how David was a great team player, How he's at all the practices giving 110 percent and doesn't play a great deal. He never complains and is happy to be a Manual Crimson football player. Now I'm thinking maybe David Is washing Coach Pfaadt's car or cutting his grass. (Just kidding) David Was a good example for us all and Coach Pfaadt speech was good for all the players to hear. It takes all of us to make a team. I can't remember if the speech was good enough to motivate us to win but it was a real nice thing to say, enough to make David feel like he was the best man on the team!