The Downfall of Jefferson County School system

    School segregation was a terrible thing. It was not right to make children go to a certain school because of the color of their skin. However, there were ways to desegregate schools without forced bussing. Forced bussing has had many unintended negative consequences.

Neighborhood schools are a thing of the past and that is a shame. After school activities have suffered due to funding cuts required to pay for bussing. Parental involvement in the schools would increase if Parents didn't have to drive all the way across town for school activities. In a neighborhood full of children, it used to be they all went to the same school. Now in the same neighborhood all the children go to different schools and might not get the chance to meet other children in the neighborhood. The pride in the small communities has diminished. Some children may not get home from school until 5:00 & 6:00 having to ride all the way across town. By the time they do their home work and eat dinner it's dark so they don't even get to play outside as much.

Let's look at what's good for the children, and it's not ridding in buses for hours! Have the test score on the children really gone up that much to justify this?  How much money would be saved buy reducing bussing?  Forcing children to mix together is not the answer. Making schools better might be the answer.The teachers need better training and pay. Why not make all the schools alike?  Why should there be a waiting list to go to certain schools unless that area was over populated? The population outside of Jefferson County has increased significantly since bussing had been forced upon us. I know we have some choices in which schools we attend, but there are only certain schools that are traditional and magnet.  Why are some schools better than others? Is it because of the kids or the teachers? I just think all the schools should be on the same page.    Kevin Cole