No this is not what you think. Since Manual Stadium is not next to the school a lot of us had to get rides to the stadium after school on Fridays and Saturdays and I think sometimes Thursdays too. On Saturday you would meet at the stadium and get your gear together, then get a ride back to the school. Sure you could have your parents wait for you but come on this was high school!

Saturday after we left the stadium we would stop at a store and get a coke or something to eat. We watched the game film in the gym sitting in the benchers only a few people would fall asleep, and if someone farted it would cause a major uproar. There was always the threat that we would have to practice after the film too! There were a few times we didn't finish the film Coach Pfaadt would get so pissed he would turn it off and say get your pads on!

The one thing that is so unique is that Manual Stadium is in the middle of a neighborhood and it was usually protected by Manual kids in army jackets called the Germantown gang. Coach Wold would film the football games and more that once he cut away from the game to show a fight on the track.

I also remember the walk to the Stadium for the season's first scrimmage because of "tradition", and if you got a ride from(Maury Haag) and were caught they made you walk it again during practice. If you didn't drive in high school you had to get a ride from one of your buddies that did drive. So I want to thank some of the guys that gave me and my brother a ride! In the early days it was Mark Schmetzer in his Trans Am & Kelly Hill in his Pinto! David Glidewell, Don McClure too. I also remember one time going with Rusty Aubrey between double sessions to his house in his Volkswagen beetle and he was going about 90 mph on a real bad ramp downtown to I-65 I though I was going to die that day! Let me continue, Dennis Pearcy, Joe Hardesty, That's about all I can remember for now.