My Favorite Players

These are some of my favorite Manual Football players that I used to watch when my older brother Hugh Cole played in the 1975-76 era. Then some are from 1978 to 1981 When I was at Manual

Mark McCubbins - This was great guy and loved Manual as much as David Wright does He even married a Manual Cheerleader. Mark passed away some years ago.

Dale Tankersley - Good D-back, Neighborhood guy

Darnell Ruffins - Nice guy and tough on the field

Elvis Colbert - With a name like Elvis he had to be a good running back

Morris Taylor - Hell of a softball player, Robert’s brother

Mike Jutz - Would make everyone’s favorite list

Steve Smith - Nice guy met him after his glory days had passed.

John Cato - Super nice guy always took care of us at the Cabbage Patch

Jerry Fox - Another Guy who loved Manual he used to watch us play all the time and helped us out

Jimmy Howlett - Great D-back I remember he had a lot of interceptions.

Mark Schmetzer - A great QB would have started at any other school, but when your behind Jeff Fletcher what else can you say.

Alton Singleton - Very Hard hitter & with the nickname Fatman you had to be.

Vincent Osborne - Only if you knew some of the locker stunts he pulled also hung out at the Cabbage patch

Sebastian Curry - Great player also played at U of L

Jeff Fletcher - Great guy, he hung out with my older brothers, he went to U of K he should have gone to U of L

Guy Coleman - Good Guy! Hard worker, died some years ago

Vincent Osborne - Only if you knew some of the locker stunts he pulled also hung out at the Cabbage patch

TERRY CAFFEY - Transferred to Butler and showed Manual what they had lost. He did real good at Butler.

Rusty & Rodney Aubrey - These two brothers were nuts, Rodney lost his mouth piece one game and use a folded up piece of card board in his mouth to cover for the ref’s

Joe & Mike Spencer - These two were good guys I still keep in touch with Mike

Ron Traynor - Could do it all and hit’s hard, one of Blakeley’s Favorites

Dennis Pearcy - Another great QB would have started at any other school, but when your behind Chris West what else can you say.

Phillip Bloyd - A good small guard could move anybody, Neighborhood guy

Doug Marbry - Nice guy who would kill you out on the field, one of Blakeley’s Favorites

Mark Swope - Did his talking out on the field, one of Blakeley’s Favorites

Carl Mauldin - Another nice guy who would kill you out on the field and laugh at you when he’s done, one of Blakeley’s Favorites.

The 3 B’s Baxter, Becker, Burger - Learned a lot from these guys on and off the field, Baxter was a Neighborhood guy.

Terry Cundiff - Good person, played the game with all his might Neighborhood guy.

Joe Wilson - How did he make my list? Super good guy on and off the field.

Eddie Schardein - Eddie was a funny guy to be around, but he was a madman on the field.

Mario Gough - He was most improved (over a summer) player I have ever seen. Super nice guy

Keith Rayzor - A real good guy

Wesley Laird - Another Fun guy to be around a good player to have on the team

Robert Taylor - Favorite line when Robert was punting I was long snapping at that time and I asked him if the ball was getting to him and he said " Cole they are all bouncing right to me".

Ricky Cundiff - He would be all fired up and yell and scream and the put a big smile on his face

Paul Brown - Last time I seen Paul he was running the mini marathon. He was a crazy guy!

Terry Gibson - Really cared about football and Manual. Real good guy, Good player too

Corky Coryell - Mr. Manual what else can you say about him because he’s a lawyer now and he might sue me

Ray Stewart - St X transfer, fit right in with all the Manual guys!

Rodney (Herc) Francis - I was just happy to know such a freak of nature. Herc stood for Hercules. He was a awesome player

Donald Hillrich - Good Guy now one of the coaches for Manual and Head coach for the Louisville. Bulls.

Did I leave out David Wright???

These were just to name a few!

***** BEST COACHES I HAD *****

Bob Jacobs - By far he has been one of the best things I remember about Manual and football. I met my wife while cutting class and hanging out in his classroom. I still talk to him from time to time.

Jelly Green - Another Great coach and person. He was our freshman football coach.

We had a lot of Good Coaches: