When you walk into historic Manual stadium, there will be something new this year. For the 2009 football season, you will notice the brand new lights that replace the old, dim lights from seasons past. This was long overdue. I have described the lights in Manual Stadium as the worst in Jefferson County, like playing in an alley with one street light. This is a needed improvement to an already great stadium.

There has been a rumor of Manual taking down the fence around the field. I think this would be a terrible mistake. There are fields around Jefferson County that have no fence around the field, and in my own opinion, you need separation from the fans and a track that the fans can walk around and taunt the visitors. I have been on the field where there is no fence, just a rope. The parents and fans tend to encroach onto the field. I have seen students and parents come to the bench and talk to the players. I hope Manual keeps the fence, like I said - it's a rumor, but a trend in the JCPS. Now, what about the old press box!!