This is just a pet peeve of mine:

    I noticed that a lot of the high school kids are leaving their shirts untucked. I attended a game this past Friday (not Manual) where the running backs had their jerseys out, they were so long they looked like dresses. There were 4 or 5 kids out of the 11 on the field that had their jerseys hanging out. I also scanned the sidelines to see about 30% of the team with their jerseys untucked! I thought to myself, maybe they are suppose to be untucked. I changed my mind when I saw how long they were.

Coaches, what are you saying to the fans and the players? We are too lazy to tuck in our jerseys. We let our kids do what they want and it is easier for them to leave it untucked than take the extra effort to tuck them in. In our world where the kids are sagging their pants, the football field is a place where you are a team in uniforms. All dressed alike playing as a team.This is all about discipline - Coaches, your whole team looks sloppy with all the untucked jerseys. Come on, you all are better than that. This shows a lack of control, self discipline, and bad attitudes. Are you coaches afraid to tell a star player to tuck it in, afraid he will quit over that? With all the coaches on the sidelines, someone can tell the lazy kids to tuck their jerseys in.

I can hear it now “what does it matter”. Well it does matter; when your running back gets pulled down by a shirttail, then you will yell at your player and tell him to tuck it in. The fans don’t like it. Coaches, just tell your kids to tuck it in.

In 2002, San Francisco receiver Terrell Owens was fined $5,000 by the National Football League for an untucked shirttail.The league sent him a letter containing a fine for equipment violations. Owens called it ''nonsense'' and ''a very nitpicky thing.''

Yes T.O. it is a small part in the big picture of the football game.