How to talk to your coach

You need a good relationship with your coach if you're going to put in those long hours and tough practices. The coach is the one setting the schedule, and if you plan to drag yourself to practice you have to like, respect or fear the person who's making you break a sweat. If you don't like, your coach, you're more likely to resent all the hard work instead of appreciating how it can help you in the long run. The reverse is also true - it's tempting to promise all sorts of stuff to a coach you respect and want to impress. But be realistic in what you tell your coach you can do. Failing to follow through will only erode the trust between you. I was a witness to a young man talking to his coach. The kid was pulled out of the game for screwing up. The coach was yelling at him and the player said “yes sir” about a dozen times and ended it with “I will do better sir”. What else can a coach ask for? What else can the coach say to the player after that? You are showing respect to the coach and that is what a coach wants to hear. That team did win the game too!