Young men, are you tough enough?

Where is the toughness in football now? What happen to “bull in the ring”? What happen to forearm pads? What happen to a coach grabbing the face mask of a kid while talking to them? What happen to slapping a kid on his helmet? What happen to a coach throwing a football at the kid who is not paying attention?

There are so many rules now good and bad. “Bull in the ring” was a drill. The player formed a circle around 1 player and you gave the players numbers, you called out a number and that player tried to kill the 1 player in the center of the circle. That was fun back in the day. The kids now push with their arms to block now instead of using their forearms. Your forearms were like flippers or clubs. If your wanted to hit your opponents in the jaw (per say) your forearms were your fists. Now we just push the kids around using the open hands. What’s wrong with grabbing the kid’s facemask? I’m not talking about dragging the player around the field by his facemask. When you are talking to a player and trying to make a point to you need eye to eye contact that is the best way. I sure this still goes on “slapping a kid on his helmet”, This goes under the same line as grabbing the face mask it is to get the players attention!

Our old coaches seemed like they all could have been pro quarterbacks they could hit the kids not paying attention with a football a mile away. Nothing wrong with that! Next time you will at least be looking for that football coming at you. I am old school as you can tell; I also think parents should stay away from practices. The kids belong to the coaches while at practice. I also believe in common sense; the summers are hot and with all the pads make it even worse. Plenty of water breaks but no going inside the gym to practice. Football which is physically and mentally challenging, is a tough sport for tough men. If you can’t handle it, then go play soccer!