Week Ten Manual 28 Male 31

"In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade. And he carries a reminder of every glove laid him out or cut him till he cried out in his anger and his shame I am leaving Iam leaving, but the fighter still
remains"... Simon & Garfunkel

Male 31 Manual 28 Football is life. Life is football. Life is not fair.

You've heard it before, "it's a shame somebody had to lose a great game" It's a real shame that Manual had to lose to Male the same way 2 years in a row in what I consider classic games. I mourned the loss Friday night. It hurt. I will not deny it. It hurts because I care. It hurts because I want to win. I'm not ashamed of that. Football is life. Life is football. Life is not fair. Don Heavrin talked me out of drinking the purple Kool-Aid after the game. So I will wait at least another week. I thought our team played their best game of the year so far. What an inspiration Vance Woods was playing in obvious pain from mid 3rd quarter to the end of the game. I hope to see him back this week. The Old Goats are real proud of the effort!

I visited Mike McDaniel at the Alumni Office before the Red & White Assembly on Friday. I really liked the new book Stand Up And Cheer! The History of du Pont Manual High School.
Great job Mike!

The regular season is now over. The games won and lost so far are not relevant! We need to remember that. Forget about the Male game! Even if Manual had won, there would be a playoff game this week. Meade Co. will be out in force in Death Valley. They would love nothing better than to end our season. Believe me, St.Xavier would love it too. Nobody in our district wants a second round game against each other but it is coming. Football is life. Life is football. Life is not fair.

I'm still pissed about the playoff game at Nelson Co. last year. I don't want to drive home and listen to God's Teams Network and hear them laugh their asses off about how Manual blew another one. And what an easy road they'll have to the title game. If their fans are so damn great, why didn't they build their own stadium years ago ? At one time this was a nice series. Dominated by Manual until 30 years ago. I don't remember Manual being arrogant and condesending towards them. The feeling is mutual now.(Careful Dave, Are you looking past this week?) Football is life. Life is football. Life is not fair. St. Xavier recruits outside the county and state...I hope the team has forgotten the score of the game but remembers the tremendous performance they gave. It is truly appreciated.

David Wright -Staff Writer