Week Six Manual vs ST. X

Anyone who expected us to laydown against the greatest team of all time was sadly disappointed. The Goats were treated to a tremendous effort from the Defense. Evidently, the off week was productive. One of the best hits of the season so far was from Austin McKinney on St.X's QB Curley when he attemped a quarterback draw. Even though the record stands at 3-3, I believe this is one of Manual's most talented teams in recent memory.

What are the odds of 2 offensive pass interference penalties being called on 2 complete passes in 2 different games against St.X and Trinity? I haven't seen the tapes of either game yet, but I was surprised with those calls. I would love a rules explanation.
With 4 weeks to go the district race will be very entertaining. Manual hosts Butler in a must win for both teams. Butler defeated Iroquois last week 42-6. Male got a wake-up Thursday from PRP 42-35. They led 42-14 at halftime and was fortunate to hold on.They will play at Iroquois. Maybe the best game will be St.X at PRP. I have seen PRP twice this year and their offense was very productive. St.X is St.X no explanation needed- God's Team.