Playoffs Round Three

The purple kool-aid must have lost its potency. It was made Male week. But hope springs eternal in the minds of fools and we decided not to drink until the playoffs were over for us. Or maybe we have built up a resistance to it over the past few seasons.

I have received several threats this week from teams still in contention warning The Old Goats not to show at their third round games. They've worked too hard and feel they don't deserve any Manual support (bad karma). If there is a curse, a dark side of me is tempted to pull for St.X. But my St.X friends showed allot of Christian charity this week and refrained from gloating at our demise.

Round 3 Bardstown 21 - Danville 14 Holy Cross is out to kill Chi Chaka Noka after he split for the border with their money. Bardstown is #1 in the Bozoputer.

DeSales 35 - Western 33 The Bozoputer says so. Another playoff rematch. I have a feeling it will come down to special teams. Was I wrong last week ?

Warren Central 35 - Christian Co. 14 The Dragons played a schedule that the Crimsons would have loved. Forget about the split, just move Manual to the first region. WC is good enough to get to the State Final.

Trinity 35 - Boone Co. 20 After 7 playoff losses to the Rocks, the Rebels finally understand there really is a big three and they're not one of them.

St.Xavier 28 - John Hardin 21 The Tigers do not play the Confusion Defense. They play the 4-3-4. They are very disciplined and will get burnt. To beat them now, you have to run over them. Scoring 49 against Male was impressive. Giving up 47 is another thing. The PA man at JH better weigh his words. St. X doesn't need anymore motivation.