Week Nine Manual 42 PRP 28

History sometimes only kind of repeats itself. Flashback to 2001 first round of play-offs. Manual hanging to a 19-14 lead late in the 4th quarter driving inside the PRP 20. Scoreboard blows...... Fourth and 1..... A Hail Mary completed against tight double coverage........ A nightmare 22-19 season ending loss.

Last night Manual with some help from PRP did it's best to blow up the score board again. The two combined for 70 points with only 1 turnover. A resounding testament to the Wing-T offense. I'm hard-pressed to remember a more entertaining running attack. Or productive. Imagine, a run-oriented team averaging 37.25 a game against the best competition in the state.
Those stats are not rung up against The Little Sisters of the Poor. It is certainly working for PRP too. Male had no answer for it 2 weeks ago against PRP except to outscore them. It gave St.X. plenty of trouble in the first half last week. Trinity was powerless against it in the 3rd week of the season. Lavon Carter has really turned it on. He was impressive on both sides of the ball in the last two games. Great straight-arm! The other 2 games in the district has St.X against Iroquois and Male at Butler. No predictions. Both can name the score. Things get interesting next week.........