Kentucky State Semi-Finals

Dave, what do you mean by KY? State Semi-Finals ?
Simple, how can residents outside of the state contend for a title they are not part of ? Isn't this just more sour grapes from a frustrated Manual Football fan ? No. It is a fact. The teams "using these players" can just as easily be eligible for the Indiana Title. Why call them Kentucky State Champs when the fact is they are not a pure Kentucky team ?

There will be predictions on the 4A games. The outcome of this season, like all the others the last 30 years is preordained. No offense to Warren Central and Henry Clay, but we've seen this before. Both have lost title games to St.X and Trinity in the last 15 years.

I personally would love to see the county and state residence of each player on their rosters. This would at least give each opponent an idea of what type of team they are competing against for a district, regional and imaginary state championship. Dave, quit whining and just work harder... How condescending for the leader of the Knights Templar to assume he knows just how hard his "cheap-shoting opponents" work. " Love your enemies Coach" Did he mean practice or recruiting ? " Do unto others" Aren't these issues for the all-knowing KHSAA and Board of Education to address? They are governed by bureaucrats. Except for the military and a few essential government entities, I have little use for them. They are the reason for the shape of the school system and competition to begin with. If the KHSAA had enforced the rules, I would not have to write about this.

Throughout this debate, the theme has been about "life isn't fair". That the kids should except the fact they are being screwed and get over it. I believe in free enterprise. Capitalism beats Socialism every time, but we do have Antitrust laws.

The drift I get on BGP is that somehow because people have opted out of the public system, they have the right to circumvent the rules in order to prove their superiority." blessed are the meek ?" It sounds allot the "Camelot" that ruled this country in the 90's. Is this the Catholic mission ? It is certainly not anything I have learned in church doctrine.

The KHSAA is not willing to seriously address this because they are in love with the treat of the big 4A payoff at the gate in December. Lets be honest, they don't give a damn. Without God's chosen few, wouldn't the championship be watered down ? That term sounds like talking points that are faxed from the DNC to the Liberal Media. My point is the playoff system is already a joke. The only true state championships are the ones no class system.

Any suggestions for a cure Dave? Yes, set boundaries for all schools inside the state. Any team using out of state players are not eligible to state titles. Enforce the rules. How about real sanctions for schools found to be recruiting ? Like missing the playoffs for 2 years? I'll tell you why this will not happen. The KHSAA still likes that big payoff in December.

Maybe we should just go to a bowl system. I'll settle for a game with Male on Thanksgiving Day.