Split Passes

The split passed. I don't agree that a divided title is watered down. If that's the case, Someone needs to tell Danville, Highlands, Tilghman, and Boyle Co. that their championships are bogus. After all, they dodged St.X and Trinity and didn't earn it.

They'll never know if they were truly the best. I believe they would not have a quarter of the titles combined since 1959 if there was no classifications. Their winning traditions wouldn't be as impressive if they had to play the big schools for a title shot.

That being said, would the opponents of the split be in favor of no classification for every school? Since Jefferson County let the schools with lower enrollment move down in class, most have faired no better than they did in 4-A. What it did was allow schools like Western to improve against schools of their own size and yes win a few more games. I don't think that is a crime. At least the players and fans can feel a little satisfaction at some point of the season. Is there a fair solution in all this? I don't know. Life isn't fair either.