Prop.20 Bowl

Class A NCC vs. Mayfield The Cardinals have a way, but so does NCC. I'm going to blow smoke. I don't know about either team.... This is a BCS (Big Catholic School) game. The Catholic school wins.

Class AA Owensboro Catholic vs. Russell Again I don't know much about either program. But OC's win over DeSales is impressive. This is another BCS (Big Catholic School) game. The Catholic school wins.

Class AAA Bowling Green vs. Lexington Catholic (Central KY All-Stars) Both teams' only loss was to St. Xavier(Kentuckiana All-Stars) This has to be the public school system's best hope. But,this is the leader of The Knights Templar's big brother's school and "Gosh darn, they just outwork everybody"

Class AAAA St. Xavier vs. Trinity BCS Bowl (Kentuckiana All-Stars vs, Kentuckiana All-Stars) This is the game that the KHSAA has sold their souls for. The reason they turn a blind eye to the fact that this is not a true Kentucky State Championship. What public school could entertain the thought of bringing in players from outside their district, let alone from another state ? The entire playoff format is set up for this game. The only concern now is good weather. How can this be a KY Championship when there are players on both rosters from outside the state ? Shouldn't they have to play in both Indiana and Kentucky playoffs to prove they are the best in both states since both teams rosters have Hoosiers ?

I have always known they play with a stacked deck. They say a championship without playing them is watered down. How does competing for any title with an unfair advantage over all of the competition anything but a hollow victory?

The real shame is that the organization that supposedly oversees this sport evidently can't or won't enforce the rules.

To the BCS schools : What sense of accomplishment can be had when you you know as well as any serious high school football fan that you play by a totally different set of rules than the rest of your competition? Do you have such a Narcissistic complex that you can justify your recruiting ? Do you feel that you cannot win with only Catholic players from Jefferson County ? If you insist on using players from outside the county and state, shouldn’t you play teams with the same advantage ? Whoops, I forgot. there really is a BCS Championship played on Friday.....