Life without St. X and Trinity

The Old Goats weigh the possibilities of life without St. X and Trinity Ho hum. Who wants to wait all season long to see either St.X or Trinity smack down some outgunned State school for the 4A title? Even worse how many more St.X vs. Trinity championships can I stand? Kentucky football is divided into 4 classes based on enrollment. The larger public schools in town have about 1800 students. The problem is the classification doesn't take into consideration that at least half of the enrollment in public schools are female. St.X and Trinity have about 1200 each. That means the public schools are pitted against teams with almost twice as many males.
Shouldn't there be a higher class? They have built their winning traditions by playing with a stacked deck. Many schools in town were put in lower classes (mandatory) based on enrollment. It's the remaining 4A teams that are literally stuck between a Rock and a Tiger. It is a given that one of the teams will advance to the finals every year. I'm not against playing them, but the ideal of putting Atherton and Iroquois in the same district is a sick joke. Why is Southern in the eastern district while St.X is playing against the south end? Even the district and regional setup is betting on them to meet for the title. The KHSAA evidently just wants the big gate the first week in December.
If the seperation happens, here is a logical alignment of Jefferson County 4A schools: