Stop Complaining

Some public schools should either decide to get better or give up. I wonder if not for the NEA, how many of these schools should just be closed. The Teachers' Union is protecting jobs and couldn't care less about education. Maybe that is one reason private schools and Home Schooling is flourishing. The private schools are not the public schools problem. They are the symptom. Look at Manual.Once a public school finally excels, the other public schools instead of following their lead, only complain. They complain that they get all the best students and athletes. That wasn't always the case. I was Crimson when Crimson wasn't cool. The reason Manual is so attractive and successful now is because of parental, student and faculty efforts. Not to mention a generous Alumni. Most of the improvements to the perception of the school are a direct result of the parents and students who CHOSE to come here. They are not coerced or recruited. The underachieving schools should stop complaining and start selling.

It is human nature that people want to identify with success. Manual changed to the Magnet format in 1984. After suffering through some lean years, all athletic programs are prosperus. Manual can compete against any school in the state and have a chance to win.Look at academics. Look at the number of National Merit Semi-finalist Manual has every year. More than all the Catholic Schools combined. Are the private complaining about that? No, they see it as a challenge.The resurgence of both Male and Manual may have stepped up St.Xavier and Trinity's recruitment efforts. That is fine. But they should play by the same rules as the rest of the KHSAA . How can they justify their players from Indiana? They have at least 1400 boys at each school. The biggest public schools in Kentucky have 1800 students. Half of which are girls. One solution is to multiply their enrollment by 1.5. But that would raise their enrollment to 3100. An average way above the public school 4A boys enrollment of about 800. What is the answer? I don't know. Either drop the classification for everybody or have the private schools agree to some sort or recruitment boundries?