2006 Football Predictions

Week 1 Old Rivals Bowl vs. Shawnee :

Thanks to Shawnee stepping up on short notice last year, The Old Rivals Bowl was saved. I can't remember the name of the QB for Shawnee last year. But his courage, leadership and character made a lasting impression. He was pounded mercilessly by Male's pressure defense. Since the outcome was decided very early, I just decided to observe the body language of their team. After being gang-gonged a few times by at least 3 D-line and LB's on several plays it would have been very tempting to stay down and feign injury. This guy just picked up his 5'6" 140 lb body and went back to the huddle. I didn't sense any frustration towards the inept Offensive Line, he just continued make plays and hustle. It was a shame that this team's effort was witnessed by so few of their fans. A nameless player on a forgettable team. David vs.Goliath without a slingshot every week. Why would anyone want to do that ? Players on those types of teams must love the game. And you have to appreciate their efforts. In my book he is Mr. Football 2005.

Week 2 at Eastern :

Yeah, yeah, all the talent is gone but Eastern will be hard pressed to show that their program has improved that much from last year's 55-0 butt kicking.

Week 3 at Trinity :

New stadium, same old Trinity. How symbolic, Manual renovating it's stadium and program stares at reality. In 1966 we won our last title. In 1968 Trinity started a run that stands at 15 and counting. For the first time in 3 years, The Goats are not to blame for blowing the game.

Week 4 vs. Warren Central :

Brats and beer at Cheks before the game for the first home game. As in the previous two seasons, Manual looks disinterested in this game. The Old Goats start to raise hell and get some results. Dave takes the Purple Kool-Aid to the game but leaves it in his truck.

Week 5 vs. Meade Co. :

The Green Wave uses ball control in the first half to build a 14-0 lead. The Goats start talking about banning teams from outside Jefferson County from post season play.

Week 6 vs. St.Xavier :

The Goats predict every play for both teams. After the game they are approached by both staffs for stock and horse race tips.

Week 7 at Butler :

After 5 games the young team has benefited from the tough non-district schedule. Butler's new passing game looks like a whimsical tribute to Bobby Redman. 3 interceptions are the key to the game.

Week 8 vs. PRP :

The Goats are asked to sing the national anthem but can't remember all the words. Security personnel ask to see what's in the purple Kool-Aid. The third-place bowl goes to OT. Students are asking us if we have a bottle for them.

Week 9 at Iroquois :

We have more cheerleaders than they have players and fans. The Goats start talking about resurrecting a Thanksgiving Day game-against Atherton...

Week 10 at Male :

Purple Kool-Aid is consumed in mass quantities before the game. Redman visits the Old Goats before the game, hugs Neff and hands out free tickets for the playoffs. And then proceeds to guarantee that the Goats' enthusiasm for the game will be rewarded if they just agree to swear their loyalty to the evil empire. Heavrin gives in to peer pressure and begrudgingly agrees to attend. Then demands Dave to drink the "real stuff" at half-time for conning him. Male lines up for a field goal at the end of the game just for laughs.

Post season :

The Old Goats win an award for the third straight year from Sports fans of America. St. Xavier wins another regional title. They defeat Warren Central in the semifinals and lose again to Trinity in the finals 21-10. The Old Goats are offered free tickets, tuition, transportation, "honorary" diplomas, appreciation and air time from the BCS (Big Catholic Schools).