If Not For The Weather

At least a couple weeks a year the Goats make an uninvited visit either in the idle week or to some playoff games. It's absolutely amazing how our IQ raises and the stress level is nonexistent when Dear Ole Manual is not playing. We can compliment the players on both teams and criticize coaching moves without the fear of ejection.

We would have gotten away with it tonight except for the weather. When the storm hit, the Ram horned ponchos came out and we were immediately swarmed by enthusiastic little leaguers who invited us to their games.
It was a hoot to meet the boys from the Parkland Jets and we wish them nothing but success this season. It's diffidently a young man's game and I'm always thrilled to meet the next generation of football players and fans.

Tim ended up on the highlights by flashing the back of his poncho to the TV camera. Thank God he didn't turn around or we would have been banned from any other games.

It was our first visit to Central Stadium and we met some knowledgeable and friendly fans. The grill was just getting started when we walked in so we settled for hot dogs. If not for the storm we would have critiqued the grill. I ran into a friend of mine Kyrus Rowan who reminded me that I picked PRP tonight even though the Bozoputer has them this week as the No. 1 team. Their new uniforms are sharp! As I write this post, the game may be resumed. If it is, hopefully we can make it back and sample the grill. If not, We'll see PRP shortly and we wish Central the best the rest of the way.