Curses=Manual vs St.X

Gameday: Purple Kool-Aid +Turf War+ Pipesmokers+ Unruly Landlords, Curses= Manual vs. St.Xavier

Next to Male this is Manual's oldest and many Goats will contend their most bitter rival. If familiarity breeds contempt, Manual Stadium has been infested by bunny rabbits for at least 70 years.

While Manual has struggled through boundry changes, forced busing, transition to a magnet school and a death sentence to the Old Rivalry on Thanksgiving Day. Over last 30 years, St. X has fielded teams with superior numbers to all public competition and boosted it's enrollment. They were also able to find a "replacement rival" for Flaget.

While apathy ruled The Old Rivals in the seventies and early eighties, the Big 2 did a tremendous job of promoting a made for media game. This is a huge social event not only for the schools and alumni but football fans in general. Sadly, this is the only game most in attendence will see in person.

The tradition that was shunned by the JCPS, was embraced by the Catholic powers who had the good sense to figure out that football was and is the best way to promote their school's image and yes, make money! They need not apoligize for their success. All schools should take note on how to promote a good clean grudgematch at least twice a year. While we have won only three times in last 30 games, at least half of those could have gone either way. You had to be there to understand. Rest assured the Goats will be out in force and Check's will be rockin !