A Trip To Danville

In 2003 Manual kicked off the season at the Bob Allen Classic in Danville. The Goats tailgated both in '03 and 04 before the games. Each time, the coaching staff of Danville went out their way to greet and thank us for coming and supporting the game. They made a great impression on us and we followed their success on the field since that hot day in August 2003. We also made cyber contact with Stuart Critchfield, Class of '87 and Web Master of Kentucky Preps. He invited us to the playoffs last year but we were not able to attend.

This year we made it a point to get there. We made a great day of it dining in Springfield before visiting the Perryville Civil War Battlefield. Then Stuart was gracious enough to grant us an interview for Old Goats' Radio and tell us just about everything he knew about the great tradition of Danville Football. It's a great feeling to know we have kindred spirits for the game throughout the state.

I had a feeling that if he were born in Louisviile, he would have turned out to be one of Manual's great lineman at 6'5" and then retired to be an Old Goat. Then, I couldn't help but think that if we were born in Danville, we would be part of the crew who watches practices from "the hill" each day!

At the game with Mayfield there were many great Danville fans who were very gracious and knowledgeable about the game. It would be great if we could schedule them in the near future and treat them to Check's before the game !