Last Thoughts On 2006

More goes into being a player than putting on a jersey on Friday nights. I want to thank the Seniors for all their hard work, sacrifice and dedication to making this another winning and memorable season.

This was practically a whole new team with so many new faces in the line up and they showed allot of people that the cupboard was not as bare as they had hoped. Now, a great majority of starters return for 2007 and I want to challenge the team to remember those tough losses to Male and St.X. Go to the playoffs and watch how these teams play with so much composure and confidence. Learn from it, heal the injuries, then hit the weight room hard. Push yourself in the off season to be an even better team than the Goats expect. It's now no secret. You guys have talent. It showed so many times this year. Even last night. But to be a great team you can NEVER take a play off. To beat Male and St.X you cannot flinch for a second.

The feeling of beating those guys is unbelievable. If a State Championship is a goal, then you know what must be done. They will not go away or fade. They must be simply beaten. If any school can take on these teams and match their tradition, history and fan support it is Manual. Look at the Stadium it was built to be the best. It was not named St.X or Male Stadium for a reason. It is ours. Built and paid for long ago by very passionate and loyal students, faculty and alumni. The envy of all of Louisville football for decades. The program has been solid for the last decade. We have dominated the other county public schools the last five seasons. We have been competitive with the Big 3 as well. Naturally the next step is to beat Male and or St.X in the playoffs. They are what stands between Manual and glory ! Just go out and beat them !