If you are one of the anointed ones and a media darling, you can get away with anything. YES, you can commit flagrant personal fouls that would get most people arrested.

Case and point. Marcus Vick can stomp on an opposing player on national TV after they just interviewed his big brother- AKA Ron Mexico and is not penalized and is a major factor in the VT comeback.

Where did we see this before ? How about the 1992 NCAA Elite Eight ? Christian Laetner of Duke is remembered for hitting the game winner. But his ass should have been ejected in the second half for stomping the chest of Timberlake of UK under the basket as he laid on the floor. Again not even a foul.

No wonder why bench clearing brawls are now an acceptable way of life at ANY game on every level. Officials must be intimidated by the reps of certain high profile players. Leaving players in games like that only sends a message to all players that trying to maim an opponent as okay as long as your super athlete and the ratings depend on whether you remain in the game.

If officials miss calls and they do, the coaches of the cheap shot artists have a responsibility to the game and their institutions to pull these players. The players' actions are a reflection of the team and the entire school. Certainly with victories, and also how they "play" in games.