Old Goats In The Off Season

Some wonder what The Old Goats do with themselves during the off season. Design new throw back jerseys, work on new TD celebrations, watching game tapes,Madden Football and doing the wife's bidding etc.

This year will be different. George Secrest suggested early last season that instead of mulling over each painful loss in group therapy until next season that we make an adventure to explore another common interest we share-history. This month The Old Goats will venture to Gettysburg.

The trip will be well documented with plenty of arm chair quarterbacking. And hopefully we will encounter a little paranormal activity since it is reported to be haunted as well. As far as we can tell through research there were no referees. So the only opportunity to hear "hey ref you're a bum !" will have to come if a park ranger runs us off. This will diffidently be our longest road trip to date.

Pickett should have punted ! David Wright - Staff Writer