Manual 32- Pessimism 7

There is nothing like victory. I was worried how the team would respond to the opening loss to Brentwood. They were one of the best teams I had seen. Even though the score was 49-6, I thought I saw some promise in the effort.

Tonight we were far from perfect, 2 TD's were called back. But with the game still in question at 13-7, the defense stepped up big and we erupted for 19 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. We're young, but with 2 games under our belt the Goats will become impatient with anymore senseless penalties. I know a LITTLE bit about football and this team has potential. There is some talent on the field- we see it. The competition this year is as tough or maybe tougher than any schedule we have faced in recent memory. That is no excuse for us not to improve every week. We have the ability to ruin a few teams' seasons, at least for one night.

On another note, it was rumored that Hal Mummy was at the Old Rivalry Bowl last weekend( see the web site home page). Sorry to disappoint our UK faction, but it was your humble writer who coincidentally had a blue towel around his neck. Purely a coincidence. Speaking of the Goats, I personally miss the throwback jerseys and after 2 games without them I can't help but think of KISS without makeup.