2006 Season Eve

"I asked for a mission, and for my sins they gave me one. And when it was over..." Without a doubt this is my favorite time of the year. The program has improved dramatically over the last ten years. The expectations have changed so much that we are bitterly disappointed over every loss. Manual Football is no longer a joke. What a great turnaround ! In recent times we have defeated Male with Bush in 2001 and Trinity with Brohm in 2003. "These are the memories that make me a wealthy soul".

Speaking of great accomplishments this site has been selected as one of the top fan web sites for the last 2 years. It was a team effort and by golly we just plain "outworked" the other fans. Yes, it's true we recruited fans from outside our district,other states and even offered "free rides" (tickets,throwback jerseys and nachos), to selective fans to give us a competitive edge. The KHSAA now has a proposal to separate schools with superior web sites and fan support from the less fortunate!

What a very special group of people the Goats are. They are the only brothers I have ever known. Throughout the years of bitter disappointment, great victories, terrible weather and yes scorn from our own there was never another place I wanted to be or other people I wanted to be with than these guys on Friday Nights. So football fans strap it on. Get ready for another year of the best dressed, most informed, intellectual, rabid, humorous and honest football fans you wish "your team" had. BEAT BRENTWOOD !