Steve Haag on Old Goat Radio

The Old Goats were fortunate to have former Coach Steve Haag visit for a radio show. In four years at the helm some might think he guided the team from the worst of times to the best of times. Maybe from a win-loss record perspective that is true. Beside from the actual players and coaches on a team, the only thing for fans to read is the scoreboard. But there is more to a team than what history records.

The pride in how he recalled his first team was probably what impressed me the most. The courage and determination that "0-10" team showed most certainly deserves as much appreciation as any team who ever took the field at Manual Stadium. Outgunned and outmanned they willfully sacrificed their bodies every week. Not only for Manual but their teammates as well. Everyone will recall the glory of 1988, and that team was rooted in the thin red line of 1985.