Enough of war and inhumanity. I must speak of chivilry. The morning paper brought a wonderful story about a group of students from St. Xavier High School in Louisville, Ky. who act as family members and serve as pall bearers for indigent folks who have no family and are going to be buried in a paupers grave. The students carry the coffin and watch as it is placed in the ground. On one occasion it was pouring down rain and they refused to sit in the car. Instead they fulfilled their unsworn duty and stood by the grave until the human being was lowered into his final resting place. Until the article made the paper, few knew of their heroic acts. I certainly didn‚t. Now that I know, I am impressed with the humanity of group and their unselfish devotion to those less fortunate. One of the young men said we‚re held at birth and we should be held at death. What a great mind set. Life is good, and events like this reaffirm there is hope for us all. Good job.

Don Heavrin

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