Reporting From Belize

This week end, I watched the UK game on television. I had the same feeling I had at the Manual/Male game the University of Kentucky was just waiting around to lose. When UK intercepted a pass, I jumped to my feet and yelled, "Go Big Blue!" It was first and ten at the 47-yard line. After three plays, UK ended up with fourth down and 33 to go. It was de’javu all over again.

As Tennessee erased any hope of victory, I sat in a stupor, drooling on myself. I knew it was no one's fault but my own. Since I'm retired from football, why do I keep watching football games? It must be some type of self-inflicted torture that causes the team I'm pulling for to lose! I need a shrink. In contrast, I refused to watch the UL game and they won 70-7.

An hour after the UK game, I received a call from my brother-in-law. I get along with him, I like him, and I used to think he liked me. However, he called to tell me that he told a lot of UK fans that I was responsible for the loss by pulling for Big Blue. I couldn't believe that he had dropped me in. I grabbed Beverly and took her to her brother's house and then I started back to pick up some of my clothes. However, I couldn't get closer than a block from my house. A mob was surrounding my house. They were chanting, "Burn him out! Burn him out!" I did the only thing I could I fled. I drove straight to the airport and got on an airplane to Tucson, Arizona.

First thing Monday morning, I called my friend David Wright and asked him to bring $30,000 to Tucson. Being a loyal friend and being afraid that I would tell he had been rooting for UK too, he arrived within three hours and I got the next plane out to Belize. You can still live in Belize for $15,000 a year and I hope in two years the controversy will have died down. However, these Wildcats are reported to have long memories. Donald M. Heavrin,
Your Servant of Truth
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