NBA Rules

This morning’s paper carried a fascinating article by a sports writer. In the article the sports writer asserts that college basketball players should be required to stay in college for three years before they can play in the NBA.

First, in a rational society where everyone understands that you have a right to your life, liberty and property, this argument would never be made, because there would be no listeners. Incorporated in the concept of ‘right to your property’ is the right to own the product of your labor. If you happen to be born with God-given talent, you should, without recriminations, be able to maximize your talent, which means earn as much money as possible.

Rather than make the NBA draft more restrictive, we should make it more liberal. Basketball players, whether they’re in middle school, high school or college, should be able to hire agents, and if they are unable to sell their talents for as much as they think their talent is worth they should be able to return to college and finish their college careers.

Also, college players should be allowed to work for wealthy alumni during the summer and make $100,000 a year during the off season. All college athletes who generate money for the university should receive a salary for their work. Instead of wasting the money on sports that do not produce an income the money should be spent where it is earned. The only detriment would be, it would render the NCAA useless and all those bureaucrats who write, interpret and enforce these metaphysical rules would be out of work and would have to get a job. The idea that college is an education first event is bunk, and everyone knows it. If colleges who make millions of dollars off their athletic programs would pay the players who make the largess possible, the problems would be eliminated. The student would be able to sell his talent to the highest bidder.

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