From time to time I will encourage my Old Goat friends to do some exercise.
We own our own bodies, and we should endeavor to keep them in top physical condition My son, Robert, and I went to the State of Washington. In Seattle I was trying to keep up my vigorous exercise program. Rather than do anything too strenuous, I decided that I would take a walk. I ask the concierge how far it was to the Space Needle, and he said, ĎLess than half a mile, and itís right up that hill to your left. In fact you can see the top of the tower from here. My spirit was willing, my heart was into it,

and I was determined to make the trip to further improve my physical condition. Unfortunately my body had other ideas, and a few feet from the top my legs quit working. While Iím a proponent of exercise, please use it sparingly. I should have known better when I saw an EMS unit circulating up and down the hill. Fortunately for me, after my body gave out, they were right there, and were able to get my heart started Back To Menu